Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chuck Norris Facts

The Chuck Norris Facts really crack me up. I grew up watching Missing in Action, Delta Force, and his kung-fu movies, so I remember his bad ass days. I don't know how these lists got started, but reading these funny "facts" inspired me to add a few of my own. Shut up, it's my blog and I'll do what I want. Enjoy.

Only Chuck Norris could have created Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris once thought he was wrong, but everyone else admitted it was their fault.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First Monkey Win

I took a little time off from playing poker, except for the game at the Kuro's last week. Monday night, I ended my self imposed break and tried a non-blogger $1, 45 person MTT while also playing a $2 9 person SNG. Have I mentioned how much I suck at multi-tabling? Anywho, I overplayed a hand in the SNG and got bounced. Good thing, because this helped me concentrate on the bigger game. I just picked spots and tried to stay out of the way and next thing you know, we're at the final table. I manged to hang in for fourth place and tripled my entry. You hear that, that's like 4 Washingtons! I finished up for the night, Weeeeeee.

Confidence renewed, I went in to Tuesday's game with a positive attitude. After bubbling twice, and 1 fourth, I finally pulled a win in the Monkey Tourney. It was a small crowd as usual, but that doesn't diminish my winning feeling. It got off to a rocky start when sco74, one of the new guys / non Wheatie blogger, questioned my hammer raise. He clearly didn't get the memo. We had to inform him that this was a totally appropriate and expected move. We eventually talked him in to playing one at the final table. Ahh, yes, we have corrupted another young internet player. Take that Phil Helmuth!

I thought my game was pretty on last night and when I did make a misstep, I had the chips to cover it. I was ready to deliver the knock-out blow when we got to heads up. We both got our money in preflop and this happened. Zoinks! Fortunately, I had enough chips to take the hit.

Later, I made a bad read that had good results. sco74 did a massive overbet and raised all-in preflop. I incorrectly read this as his new love of the hammer and since I was holding 8,2, I figured I had him dominated. I'm sure he was wondering what the fuck I was doing as he tabled A,J and I hit an 8 on the board. This put me back in a big time lead and I was able to finish him off soon after this. I didn't feel too bad. His A,Q vs my A,A was a much bigger dog than my 2 random cards. Of course if I hadn't misread his hand, I wouldn't have ever made that call. This win doubled my dwindling bankroll and allows me to play the monkey for a few more weeks. Thanks to Kat for the behind the scenes fun and I can't wait for my bounty! Good luck with your September appointment.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ultimate Hot Chick Movies List

This post is for the fellas and females that enjoy the alternative lifestyle (I aint mad at cha!). You know how there are specific movies when that hottie looks extra fine. Here are the ones that always come to mind for me. These will always be the "it" movies whenever someone mentions a particular actress.

Salma Hayek - Desparado

Angelina Jolie - Laura Croft (pick one)

Jessica Alba - Sin City

Jessica Biel - Summer Catch

Catherine Zeta Jones - Entrapment or The Mask of Zorro (This one is tough!)

Halle Berry - Swordfish (No, not just because she went topless)

Scarlett Johansson - The Island

Natasha Henstridge - Species

Pamela Anderson - Barb Wire

Tea Leoni - Bad Boys

Shannon Elizabeth - American Pie

Cameron Diaz - The Mask

Denise Richards - Wild Things

Elizabeth Hurley - Bedazzled

Madeline Stowe - Revenge

Kelly LeBrock - Weird Science

I'm trying to think of some classics, so feel free to throw out your faves. Maybe Carmen can do a post for the ladies. I'll give her a one for a primer, Matthew McConaughey in Two for the Money.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Guess I'm Learning

Surf, Sham, the boys and I met down at the Poker Cats Arena for some low stakes action last night. Consider it a little stretching activity for the Kitty and and the birthday boy before their trip to Tunica today.

I had some thoughts that came in my head last night that had never happened at the table, so I guess you can call it progress. Nothing earth shattering and to many players, these are "duh" moments, but for me to have them means maybe I'm advancing my game. I overplayed some hands that I probably could have milked for some more money. In cash games, I haven't quite passed the stage where I push without already having the near /nuts or I'm totally bluffing. I gotta believe you make more money in between these two extremes. Playing with these guys has taught me some lessons, even at the low limits we play.

Looks like the December Vegas blogger meet won't happen for me. I think I'll try Tunica a couple of times with the boys to satisfy my newly found live game casino action craving.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At Least I Didn't Bubble This Week

Since I was tired of going out like a punk bitch in the Monkey tourney, I vowed to not bubble this week. We got the cards in the air with 2 full tables. My play was nothing to report about, and I bombed out in 5th place this week. Hey, at least I didn't bubble, right? I've really got to get back on a cashing path, or I'll be out of money soon and the reload options aren't looking so hot.

There were some familiar WWDN faces along with the now regular mix of folks from the Midnight Poker Forum. It was good to see Dave and Kat back in the Tuesday rotation. I'm looking forward to both of their trip reports. Although their destinations were completely different, I bet they both had a blast.

I had 2 firsts last night. No, not first places, but firsts as in things I've never done before. I did my first second chance game and the first time playing Razz online. I'm no Razz king like Fishy and it showed as I went out 5th of 6th.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aces Suck.......No Really, They Do!

I bubbled the Monkey Tourney again last night. That's getting annoying. 2 of the 4 I've played I've ended up 4th. I think I played a pretty solid game, but got very unlucky with pocket Aces. Every. Single. Time.

The first bite in the ass came fairly early in the game and I was up against the BB (budohorseman, I think) hitting a ten on the flop to give him trips. He legitimately called my preflop raise and then overbet the flop. I figured he was trying to run off the weak Ace, but it turns out that he fat fingered his bet. Lucky accident and it paid off for him. This knocked me down to a little over 400, but I was able to wait for spots and get back in the running.

The second time I get them, we are down to one short handed table and it's folded around to me in the BB. BOOOOOO! These people have got some mad Spidey Senses.

The third and final time is when we are 4 handed (top 3 pay) and I'm 3rd in chips. I limp UTG hoping for the short stack BB to push, but it turns in to a family pot. The flop comes K high rainbow, so I push and I'm willing to take it down right there or get called by KQ suited (oh wait this is not the Friday night home game, LOL). Unfortunately for me, one of the top 2 in chips hit his set and I'm bounced on the bubble. Oh, what could have been. I really don't think the big stack is going to fold pocket 6s preflop against a push, so I was most likely going to lose anyway and sometimes the 20% side hits. So I guess I'm owed the next 8 hands and won't get my Aces cracked.

I still had a great time and I'm glad the boys were able to pick up and keep the Tuesday Wheatie tradition going. The numbers aren't nearly as big, but it makes for more fun than a random SNG. If you others have the time, come on out and get on the field with us again. It starts at a great time for us East Coasters.

While leading the Monkey, Surf was able to go deep in a $10 MTT on Tilt. He played very well and was able to make it to 11th out of around 450. He should have gone further, but he had a rough hand against the BB that took a big chunk out of his stack when he made strong laydown (we're assuming he was beat). He was put out soon after when someone called his all-in on the flop when they hit middle pair. It was looking good for Surf with his TPTK, but the villain hits his card one more time and Atlanta's best MTTer (although Kaj is doing well too) collects a payout smaller than he deserves. I can't wait for the upcoming WSOP Circuit Events in Tunica. I look forward to following this horse. Maybe Mike will try some as well after his success reaching the WSOP.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Greatest Comedies

We had a discussion in the office about the greatest comedy movies. Since lists usually encourage audience participation, I thought I’d open the floor for other opinions. These are not in order, but the top 4 are by far the greatest on the list, IMHO. So if you're not in the best of moods, pop in any of these DVDs and see if it makes your day better.

Blazing Saddles
The Jerk
Christmas Vacation
Young Frankenstein
Office Space
Revenge of the Nerds
Pink Panther Series (only with Peter Sellers)
Coming to America
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka
Smokey and the Bandit
American Pie
Animal House
Anchorman (although I still haven't seen this one and not sure if I will. I'm not a huge Will Ferrell fan)
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Dumb and Dumber
The Big Lebowski (another one I haven't seen, but I'm adding to my Netflix right now)
Raising Arizona
Old School
There's Something About Mary
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I was a late comer to this movie, but once I did, I saw the appeal)
Liar, Liar (I may be on my own here, but I thought this movie was hilarious)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Do Over

You know those times when you just aren't making the right decisions and you try to over correct and just make things worse? After you do something, or in may case multiple somethings, you're like "I didn't mean that, can I get a do over?" Isn't that a Mulligan in golf? Well that was me Friday night at Kaj's home game.

We started the first game with 14 and I was able to hang in to the final four with nothing spectacular to report. With the top 3 paying (170, 80, 30), I proposed a 4 way equal chop (70 each) so we can get to the next game since none of us had much left compared to the blinds. Kaj, the chip leader, negotiated it to 100, 60, 60, 60 and we agreed. This worked out well for the married couple that was left with Kaj and me. Even if they took 2 and 3rd, they wouldn't cash as much do to the original payout structure. I was third in chips, so I was still getting double if I maintained my spot and better than getting busted.

The second game started out with 12 of us all sitting at the same table. We adjusted the blinds in the second game to reduce the luck/shovefest that the 1 game became when we reached 6 handed. Even with the lower structure, the action got lively in a hurry. We lost Bobby, our great host first. I've been there and man does that ever suck.

OK, on to my downfall. We are down to 11 (that's funny to say with one table playing) and it's level 1 with 25/50 on the blinds and I think I still have about 2300 of my 2400 starting in front of me. I have A,K off suit UTG, and in the interest of trying new things, I limp. Everyone follows until the 8 seat raises to 300, button folds, small blind calls and big blind folds. I see alot of potential out there and try to represent a really good hand with the old limp reraise. I now make it 1000. This convinces all of the limpers to fold, but the initial raiser and caller come along. OK, I've really got to hit this flop or else I gotta believe I'm behind, even though these are both loose players one has to have a pair. It comes something like 6,6,4 and the small blind goes all-in. I make a huge mistake and fold immediately. I didn't take any time thinking about this decision. As soon as I heard "all-in", I mucked and didn't hang around long enough to realize that was only 450. This was not smart on my part. I thought he had me covered and I was also too worried / busy thinking that the 8s was going to push no matter what and she would show a high pair to beat us both. Obviously, with the small bet, she calls the SB's push and he shows K,Q suited and she flips over A,X with none matching the board. I groan out loud and everyone starts asking me what I folded. Most of the table put me on Queens or better and had already expressed shock when I insta-folded. I told them it wasn't near that good, but I still had these two beat by a mile, especially since the SB was crushed. Well the board double paired and it turns out I would have had to split, but it still would have been a nice pot. Nice read there Brian. I've to to get better at not playing different crowds the same way. This game has a little different style of players than the ones in my neighborhood.

The next hand I get A,Q suited in the big blind and come over the top of 1 raiser for all of my chips because I'm still on "bad read tilt." You know nothing cures "bad read tilt" quite like a double dose. I thought Lee was just picking on me because he knew my head was still stuck in the last hand. That was not the case and he knocked me out with his pocket Queens. 2 hands, too many errors and I hopped on my motorcycle and head back to the house.

This is where my reliance on the displays in online poker is hurting my live game. If I had seen the betting amounts and pot in dollars and the chip stacks easily displayed, I would have played it different preflop. I had plenty of chips left and could have just called and seen a flop and then bailed. I just felt that since my chip stack was half of the starting amount, I was in desperate mode. That and I didn't want to look like a wuss again. Yeah, that's a GREAT reason. In reality, I still had plenty of chips left and a better knowledge of some of my opponents at the table. That's OK, as long as I'm invited back, I'll try it again next month. The good news is I still walked away up a Jackson for the night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Highlands Waterfall Weekend

Stacie and I spent last weekend in a B&B in Highlands, NC. It was a nice place to stay and the temperature was great. We've had a very mild July here in Atlanta, but it was still a nice change to hang out in the mountain air around 70 degrees. While we were there, we hit a hiking trail on Whiteside Mountain and visited some great waterfalls.

Here are some great links if you are heading to the area:
Whitewater Falls (Upper portion in NC). The clouds were a little low this day. It really was thick when we hiked up Whiteside Mountain and couldn't see anything from the observation points. Whitewater Falls has to be one of the most accessable "large" waterfalls you will ever see. It is only about a few hundred feet from the parking lot and has a paved path that is wheelchair, stroller, and pet friendly. You can go down a flight of stairs to get a little different view, but it is still great from the first observation area. Next time, we will head to the lower falls on the SC side.
Bridal Veil Falls. The road used to go straight under it and you can still drive your car under this one if you want.
Silver Run Falls. This is a nice little one that was tucked away but still very close to the road.
Bust Your Butt Falls. It had a little swimming hole where families were playing.
Cullasaja Falls. This one is pretty much only visible from a small turnoff on the road.
Dry Falls. This one is really cool. It's big and you can walk around the back of it. I think this one was in The Last of the Mohicans movie.
Glenn Falls. This a series of falls that is accessible from a one way 1-1.5 mile moderate hike. We really enjoyed this one and you can get very close to it and have the water just running around you from dry spots at some of the bases.