Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Historic Flooding And Words From a Jackass

We had rainfall that measured in feet over the weekend and it caused severe flooding in and around Atlanta with 10 confirmed deaths so far . Our neighborhood is near the Chattahoochee River, but we were never in any danger of having any flood damage at our house since we live on a ridge that overlooks the city. It was still bizarre to watch the news and see all of the damage that is only a few miles from our house in multiple directions. Our county and the 2 neighboring ones are going to account for about $250 million in damage. At one time we had 3 separate interstates closed because they were completely submerged by flowing rivers. At one point, the DOT was actually reporting fish on the interstate.

I have a preferred route that I get to and from work, but it was closed until this afternoon. Luckily, my secondary route wasn't affected and it didn't add but about 5 minutes to my commute. I was able to take my normal route home and was amazed to see the high water marks on the trees and bridge supports.
We've now had a few days of sunny skies but we could have some more coming this weekend, but it isn't expected to be any where near the amounts we had last weekend. Thankfully, we have Kanye to put it in to perspective.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Who Watches My Chips?

Stacie went to Charleston with her best friend over the long weekend and that left me home alone to hang with the fellas for a couple of nights of poker. Kajagugu kicked things off Friday night with a couple of 10 man tourneys. I followed up with a .25/.50 cash night at my place on Saturday after the boys finished watching the Dawgs lose to OSU.

Surflexus, who hasn't blogged in over a year now, joined us for some card action Friday night. He got knocked out of the first game and joined the other early victims who were jamming to Rock Band. Those that have been to Okie-Vegas know that Surf can rock the mic, but did you know he can play piano as well? What a Renaissance man! I was not able to join the band, not that I wanted to, because I was the chip leader in the game. When we got down to 3, we just couldn't kill the short stacked Paul. As we usually do, we decided on a chop so we could get to the second game. We split up the prize pool and I took a 20 spot higher than the other 2 since I had them both covered. I didn't cash in the second game, but I still cleared a profit for the night.

That leads us to Saturday night at my place. I wanted to host a cash game with blind levels a little higher than we normally do. 9 disappointed UGA fans joined me to tilt away their money. I was able to run my stack up to over a hundred due to some more than usual aggressive play and I have been trying to maximize my pots. My new style of play was working well until I tangled with the other big stack at the table. My new found aggressive behavior took me just a little too far when I semi-bluff reraised all in with a flopped 2 pair. He snap calls and shows the flopped straight. I get no paired board love and kiss away roughly 125 on that hand. Why did it have to be against the only other player at the table who could bust me? Because I got greedy that's why. I could have easily folded to his reraise. So did I learn my lesson? Of course not, I gave him my next buyin when I pushed with KK against another one of his reraises on the flop. He turns over another flopped straight and this time I'm drawing dead. Hey, it's 1:30 in the morning and I've lost 2 buy-ins. Screw being a good host, get out! Just kidding, they played it out until roughly 2 and then we called it a night. While I wasn't happy about kissing away a nice stack at the cash game, I managed to keep the weekend to a loss of only 60 bucks. That was well worth the price of admission for a couple of nights with good friends playing a game I love.

The only other thing of note I did over the weekend was watching Watchmen. Really good flick. If you have a spare 3 hours, you should check it out. I knew almost nothing about it so it was it was a pleasure to see it live up to the fanboy hype. I may have to check the library to see if they have a copy of the graphic novel. Hopefully my county is not too Puritan to keep such a piece from their collection.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My 15 Milliseconds Of Fame

While I was watching episode 5 of Inside Deal, I was delighted to see I was quoted from my submission of Phil Hellmuth for the Hall of Shame. I'm sure my regular column is just around the corner.

I'm going to play an online tournament tonight for the first time in forever. It is the freeroll on PokerStars for Inside Deal viewers. Maybe this is the jump start I need to get back in to the blogger tournaments. I will be getting in a little live action this weekend. Kajagugu is hosting Friday night and I have put together a cash game after the college football games.