Thursday, April 20, 2006

100 Things about Brian

I enjoyed reading Kat's lists so I'm doing my own.

100 Things about Brian:

1. I am a Libra.
2. I don't like condiments.
3. I own a motorcycle.
4. I have been riding for over 15 years.
5. I am on my first and only marriage.
6. We were married in California.
7. I am a college graduate.
8. I have done acrobatic flying.
9. I have logged 20 hours at the controls of single engine aircraft.
10. I lost my virginity in the back of a Monte Carlo.
11. It was the night I graduated from high school.
12. I have 1 sibling, a younger brother.
13. I have never done drugs.
14. The first thing I would buy if I won the lottery - a joint.
15. I have a DUI.
16. It is the only thing on my driving record for the past 18 years.
17. I gave my date my ATM card to bail me out, but forgot to give her the PIN.
18. I am over 6ft tall.
19. I love to play poker. Duh.
20. I won the second online MTT I ever entered. I beat out 124 other people during a WWDN.
21. I have won 2 WWDN tourneys and placed 2nd in another since January, 31st.
22. I came in 2nd in a winner take all ($1400) 100 man bar tourney last year. That sucked!
23. I am not really a good player, but it is hard to find someone that is luckier.
24. I have a dog.
25. I have no children.
26. My friends are the most important part of my life.
27. My wife is my best friend.
28. I like to travel.
29. I have lived in TX, AL, GA, SC, NC, FL, KY, IL, IN, OH, KS. All by the time I was 23.
30. My father was military, but I never lived overseas.
31. I have been to Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, and Jamaica
32. The first vehicle I bought was a Kawasaki LTD 440 while in college.
33. The first car I bought was an Acura Integra. It was white with 5sp, sunroof, and a wing. I loved it. I still miss it.
34. Our house overlooks downtown Atlanta.
35. I had spinal meningitis as a child.
36. I have never broken a bone.
37. I have had stitches 3 times.
38. My first cavity came after I was 30.
39. The night I met my wife, I did not have braces.
40. On our first date, two weeks later, I did.
41. I used to be able to run a 6 minute mile.
42. I know way too much entertainment trivia.
43. I love reading other peoples’ blogs. I started with Wil Wheaton’s old site.
44. I do not like big government or handouts.
45. I am a very generous person. Let me choose how to help, not the MAN.
46. I am addicted to TIVO.
47. I now have HD.
48. I have 3 dual tuner DirecTV TIVOs and only 2 TVs.
49. This is harder than I expected.
50. I can spell BOOBLESS on a calculator.
51. I do not own an Apple brand MP3 player.
52. I currently drive a small truck.
53. I am buying a new car in August.
54. My favorite drink is Cherry Coke.
55. My favorite dessert is chocolate.
56. My favorite beer is Murphy’s Irish Stout.
57. My favorite liquor is tequila.
58. I love science fiction.
59. I rarely read books, I would rather watch movies.
60. I absolutely hate pickles.
61. I flirted with a customer that turned out to be Curley’s (Harlem Globetrotter) daughter. He was very nice about it.
62. I can recite 72 digits of pi.
63. I sometimes exaggerate.
64. I wear jeans to work everyday.
65. I have only paid more than $3 a gallon for gas 3 times in my life.
66. I could watch funny videos until my eyes bleed.
67. I smoked an excellent Cuban cigar on my 21st birthday. Thanks Ted.
68. I have rented a Harley and driven it around Vegas.
69. I have tried wakeboarding.
70. I was never able to get up. Close, but need more practice.
71. I have bungee jumped.
72. I managed a 24x7 crew for 5 years.
73. I don’t miss being a manager.
74. I work in my yard more than most of my neighbors.
75. I’m in the homestretch now.
76. I enjoy watching the Braves play baseball.
77. I love technology and gadgets.
78. I don’t necessarily care how things work, I like what they can do.
79. I have no problem standing up for myself and telling others to jump in a lake.
80. I try to stand up for others.
81. I need to be more patient.
82. I need to be more compassionate at times.
83. I hope to reach 100 posts / 1year on my blog.
84. I am generally tidy but keep a messy desk. This drives Stacie crazy.
85. I am more than averagely endowed.
86. Did I mention I sometimes exaggerate?
87. I have easily thrown up 200 times from drinking.
88. I went to prom without a date, but rode with a couple.
89. I had a good time with the dates of others.
90. I have experienced an earthquake.
91. I love inverted roller coasters.
92. I have never seen Grease, and never will.
93. I take really long showers.
94. I do not drink coffee.
95. I lived by myself my senior year in high school.
96. I had a 4.0 that year.
97. I once got a 0.0 for 16 hours one quarter in college.
98. I don’t know much about this broggin’ stuff.
99. I really enjoyed making this list.
100. I look forward to reading yours.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Interesting stuff.

I'm impressed by the WWdn finishes.

See you at the tables...

At 10:10 AM, Blogger VinoQueen said...

Glad to see that I didn't learn anything new here!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger AaroN said...


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