Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aces Suck.......No Really, They Do!

I bubbled the Monkey Tourney again last night. That's getting annoying. 2 of the 4 I've played I've ended up 4th. I think I played a pretty solid game, but got very unlucky with pocket Aces. Every. Single. Time.

The first bite in the ass came fairly early in the game and I was up against the BB (budohorseman, I think) hitting a ten on the flop to give him trips. He legitimately called my preflop raise and then overbet the flop. I figured he was trying to run off the weak Ace, but it turns out that he fat fingered his bet. Lucky accident and it paid off for him. This knocked me down to a little over 400, but I was able to wait for spots and get back in the running.

The second time I get them, we are down to one short handed table and it's folded around to me in the BB. BOOOOOO! These people have got some mad Spidey Senses.

The third and final time is when we are 4 handed (top 3 pay) and I'm 3rd in chips. I limp UTG hoping for the short stack BB to push, but it turns in to a family pot. The flop comes K high rainbow, so I push and I'm willing to take it down right there or get called by KQ suited (oh wait this is not the Friday night home game, LOL). Unfortunately for me, one of the top 2 in chips hit his set and I'm bounced on the bubble. Oh, what could have been. I really don't think the big stack is going to fold pocket 6s preflop against a push, so I was most likely going to lose anyway and sometimes the 20% side hits. So I guess I'm owed the next 8 hands and won't get my Aces cracked.

I still had a great time and I'm glad the boys were able to pick up and keep the Tuesday Wheatie tradition going. The numbers aren't nearly as big, but it makes for more fun than a random SNG. If you others have the time, come on out and get on the field with us again. It starts at a great time for us East Coasters.

While leading the Monkey, Surf was able to go deep in a $10 MTT on Tilt. He played very well and was able to make it to 11th out of around 450. He should have gone further, but he had a rough hand against the BB that took a big chunk out of his stack when he made strong laydown (we're assuming he was beat). He was put out soon after when someone called his all-in on the flop when they hit middle pair. It was looking good for Surf with his TPTK, but the villain hits his card one more time and Atlanta's best MTTer (although Kaj is doing well too) collects a payout smaller than he deserves. I can't wait for the upcoming WSOP Circuit Events in Tunica. I look forward to following this horse. Maybe Mike will try some as well after his success reaching the WSOP.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger "The Rake" said...

It's just a pair.

When I peak and see aces, It's all in or fold. That decision is based on weather or not I think I will be called. I don't want to be called. I want to pick whatever scraps are in the pile right then and feel fine about it.

The only exception is the wild loose canon that will surely call with 85o.

Repeat - I will call/possible fold (say it puts me all in at a time of 20M+) if a good player that could have kings or queens has raised or re-raised. Yes, I may be ahead. But, it is not enough of a favorite to risk my tournament life usually (Unless short stack).

Doyle says "aces will win small pots or loose big pots". Since he has played millions of more hands of poker than I, I will accept winning small pots with aces.

Phil Helmuth - my hero - "small pot poker baby!"

My two cents worth.


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