Tuesday, November 23, 2010

iPhone Or Not To iPhone

For years, I keep going back and forth on getting a smart phone. It has never been a need for me, simply a want. I almost bought an iPhone when the 3GS was released. The main thing that has kept me from buying one isn't the cost of the phone, it's the damn monthly fee. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am a cheap bastard. The built in cameras sucked, I don't text and I didn't see myself accessing the internet enough at the time. I'm usually either at home or work so I could wait a few minutes and then log in from a computer. Now the cameras are decent and there are tons more apps that I am more inclined to use. Admittedly, access to Twitter during the WPBT December gathering are jump starting my desire again. I think I may actually do it this time. I have even been having the justification arguments with myself. "Screw it. I don't buy a cup of coffee every morning nor do I smoke, so I'm going to take that money I don't spend there and buy a data plan." Most places I'm in have wi-fi available that cuts down on the total data used per month and I once again find myself wanting one. I realize the iPod Touch would be the same thing without the 3G access, but I think I will find times when I won't have access to free wi-fi. I have also been told that I will find myself using it more often than I think when I actually have one.

While shopping for the phone, I have considered an Android based Motorola phone so I can have an actual better, you know, phone. The lack of a Netflix viewing app is keeping me from it. I know it's crazy, but this feature I would really use. I see the new Windows phone can do it, but I don't know anyone that has one so my local support group is non-existent. After talking with everyone that has an iPhone 3 or 4, I have found very few people that weren't enjoying theirs. Besides, billions of people can't be wrong can't be wrong, unless we are talking about religion.