Monday, March 23, 2009

So, How Was Your Weekend?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travel Plans

We're off to Cancun in the morning for a long weekend. It's our first vacation of the year and I'm ready. It's one of those all inclusive deals and will be one of the most laid back trips we have ever taken together. Normally we do alot of hiking and site seeing, but this time we will just hang out at the beach and the pool. Unfortunately for us, the spring breakers will still be around. It's going to be terrible with all of those college coeds running around in their bikinis. I will have to share pictures to show you the misery.

This will be the kickoff weekend for our 2009 travel schedule. Our next trip will be a week in San Diego during Memorial Day. We've never been and are looking forward to the outdoor activities. We're scheduled to meet up with Iamhoff for a meal and possibly some cards and if we are lucky enough, we hope to grab a bite with Smokkee and LoveElf.

I'm doing another weekend in Vegas with the crew from last year. My buddy and I got another good deal for a long weekend in July. $230 each for 4 days, 3 nights at Bally's and roundtrip airfare for a direct flight that is not a red-eye. Not too bad.

Stacie is taking her Mom to Nashville over Labor Day weekend and I'm going to attempt to have another holiday big game for any bloggers that are interested. We had a good crowd last year. At the very least, we can have a higher buy-in cash game.

I think the only vacations we will have left will be an attempt to head to the Northeast during the fall for a 4 long weekend. I've been trying talk Stacie in to heading up to Niagra Falls for a weekend, but I'm guessing if we do go any where, it will be NYC, or New Hampshire.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Netflix Recommendation Fail

WTF? Seriously, the average customer rating is 3.7 and Netflix thinks I will like it so much I would give it a 4.2. I admit that I have a limited viewing experience with Tyler Perry's work, but the stuff I have seen was horrible. I can not believe he has a $200 million TV deal with TBS, but hey, it helps him buy this little shack down the street:

I can't complain too much, by building his studios here in Atlanta and shooting most of his content local, it has been a positive financial impact.