Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First Monkey Win

I took a little time off from playing poker, except for the game at the Kuro's last week. Monday night, I ended my self imposed break and tried a non-blogger $1, 45 person MTT while also playing a $2 9 person SNG. Have I mentioned how much I suck at multi-tabling? Anywho, I overplayed a hand in the SNG and got bounced. Good thing, because this helped me concentrate on the bigger game. I just picked spots and tried to stay out of the way and next thing you know, we're at the final table. I manged to hang in for fourth place and tripled my entry. You hear that, that's like 4 Washingtons! I finished up for the night, Weeeeeee.

Confidence renewed, I went in to Tuesday's game with a positive attitude. After bubbling twice, and 1 fourth, I finally pulled a win in the Monkey Tourney. It was a small crowd as usual, but that doesn't diminish my winning feeling. It got off to a rocky start when sco74, one of the new guys / non Wheatie blogger, questioned my hammer raise. He clearly didn't get the memo. We had to inform him that this was a totally appropriate and expected move. We eventually talked him in to playing one at the final table. Ahh, yes, we have corrupted another young internet player. Take that Phil Helmuth!

I thought my game was pretty on last night and when I did make a misstep, I had the chips to cover it. I was ready to deliver the knock-out blow when we got to heads up. We both got our money in preflop and this happened. Zoinks! Fortunately, I had enough chips to take the hit.

Later, I made a bad read that had good results. sco74 did a massive overbet and raised all-in preflop. I incorrectly read this as his new love of the hammer and since I was holding 8,2, I figured I had him dominated. I'm sure he was wondering what the fuck I was doing as he tabled A,J and I hit an 8 on the board. This put me back in a big time lead and I was able to finish him off soon after this. I didn't feel too bad. His A,Q vs my A,A was a much bigger dog than my 2 random cards. Of course if I hadn't misread his hand, I wouldn't have ever made that call. This win doubled my dwindling bankroll and allows me to play the monkey for a few more weeks. Thanks to Kat for the behind the scenes fun and I can't wait for my bounty! Good luck with your September appointment.


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Gah, you're such a monkey.

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