Thursday, May 31, 2007

Recent Movies

I finally saw Smokin’ Aces. It was certainly not a masterpiece, but man was it fun. It was a great action flick with fun characters and some awesome quotes. The little boy with the Karate shit was too damn funny. My favorite was Jason Bateman as the screwed up lawyer.

I tried the DVD vending kiosk at Kroger across from my office. The $1 a night price and convenience is awesome, but the selection is not that great. I picked up Eragon because I love dragon movies and that genre, but it was geared a bit too much for teenagers for my liking. Maybe I’m getting too old for some of the movie types I used to like.

Children of Men did not disappoint. It had a terrific story and was filmed in such a lifelike manner it often felt like you were watching live news footage. There was so much detail and action in the background that contribute visually, but don’t distract from the main point of the scene, it makes me wonder how much is lost from the novel. Now mind you, I wasn’t curious enough to go read the book. That’s just silly talk. When I watched it, I was often rewinding to check out how well things looked because it happened so fast and was not done in the usual Hollywood massive overkill way. I am still a fan of those types of movies, but this style just seemed to fit this movie perfectly. Clive Owen was great as usual. It was a scary hyper-exaggeration of one path we could be headed for the future.

Déjà vu falls in to the traditional Bruckheimer action category. Lucky for me, I am a fan of these as well. Good story that didn’t try to get too scientific and I liked Denzel’s character and thought he did a good job playing an intelligent and observant detective that struggled with the technological mumbo jumbo that many of us do in these type of movies. Since I love trivia, I’ll share some with you. The smoking hot actress is married to Alan Thicke’s son, Robert.

Stacie will be back Friday night, so “date night” is back on the calendar. That means no Donkament for me as we will be watching a movie or catching up on some other programs that we have put on hold for the past 5 weeks.


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At 5:25 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

children of men really knocked my socks off. the last 30 minutes was just unreal.

My take...


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