Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm So Ronery

Cartman Jong Il sang it best.

I missed the Wheatie this week because Stacie and I wanted to spend some time together Tuesday night. She headed to G-Vegas after work on Wednesday to be with her mom for about a month. Her mom had spinal fusion surgery on Thursday and everything went well. She now just has to deal with the painful recuperation and physical therapy. Stacie took a couple of days off of work, but will be able to work remotely from her mother's. I will be heading up each weekend after work until we can hopefully bring her mom to our place over Memorial Day weekend or the weekend after that (do a shot for me while your at the Summer blogger meet).

Although I have stayed occupied playing poker until at least 10PM for the past 4 nights, I do miss her terribly. It is rare for us to be apart for more than a weekend since either one of us rarely travels for work. Dundee and I aren't completely alone. Dundee also has a playmate for a week since we had already committed to dog sitting her buddy for a week starting today. So between work, keeping up the yard and the house, taking care of the dogs, and slinging some chips, I am able to keep myself busy. I realize I have the easy side of the equation. She has been spending her days and sleeping at the hospital at nights until her mother's release on Monday. Then the real work will kick in for her. So although we are apart from each other for the same amount of time, I know my time will fly by while hers will be dragging until her mother gets better.


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