Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I’m Out of Clothes and the House Smells Funny

As of Wednesday evening, Stacie will have been gone a week. I haven’t burned the house down and I’ve even managed to avoid eating out 100% of the time. I’m heading to G-Vegas Saturday morning to visit and will be back home Sunday evening.

I met Surf over at Kurokitty’s place for some .05/.10 mixed games. Thanks to being a card rack, I was able to almost quadruple my buyin. You know you’re the biggest donkey at the table when you call with something on the turn and didn’t realize your hand actually improved on the river and you take the pot. We played some crazy shit, especially Bandit double flop, and I was able to take at least half of 2 good pots. I had to leave around 11:15 so I could get home in time to catch a few hours of sleep. I have found myself staying up late every night since Stacie left and it’s starting to catch up with me. I’ve said it before, but I just don’t know how other bloggers stay up every night as late as they do, especially those with kids.

I expect very little online poker this week. I will probably be in Kat’s rebuy on Friday and I will try to win a token for the deepstack game Sunday evening.


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