Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Streak Continues

I have had a good past 2 weeks for poker. I have played 12 times in the past 12 days, and it has worked out nicely with a second place or win in 8 of the 12.

It started with a chop for first during the WWDN with a field of 47. I followed this up by outlasting 72 others to win in the next night's Mookie. On Saturday, 4 of us from the neighborhood got together and played (5) $5 winner take all games. I got 75% of the first game after agreeing to a chop and won 2 of the other outright. That's how you turn $25 into $55.

I didn't play again until last week's Mookie and just missed the final table and finished a respectable but non-paying 11th out of 74. I then entered my first Riverchasers on Thursday and bombed out within 30 minutes so I jumped in to a 9 person SNG. I managed to take 2nd and finish the night only down 2 bucks. Woo hoo!

Friday turned in to a mini Atlanta blogger reunion when 23skidoo and Surflexus were able to join me at Kajagugu's neighborhood game. It was great to see the fellas again and I am happy to report I took second out of 16. To show the power of the blogger, "diamond flush" Surf got 3rd and Kaj finished 4th. I brought along two of my solid neighbors (Mike and Mike) to play and they were both impressed with how nice and skilled Surf, Ski, and Kaj were. Kaj's house was kickin' and you bloggers with these Mack Daddy finished basements are making me look bad.

Saturday afternoon was the latest stop on our neighborhood tour. We had 16 turn out for Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby / Poker day. This was a wild and long day with some serious drinking by some. We were supposed to start at 2 and we are usually on time, but we had a more relaxed atmosphere right from the get go. I turned in to more of a party with cards and chips in the background. We finally got started about 3:15 and took a few breaks for Derby events and pizza. Congrats to Tim for the impromptu Derby "lottery" win good for 200 bucks. We started with 2 tables and I was at the more reserved one apparently. The other guys damn near finish a fifth of tequila by the time we consolidated.

At the final table, we were all having difficulty knocking out the short stacks because, as we all know, live poker is so rigged. We tons of 2 and 3 outer saves, yes usually on the river. It made for lots of loud "ooohs", "ahhhhhs" and most certainly "FUCK!s" as you can imagine. I was the beneficiary of at least 2 of these when I pushed while behind the caller. The best was when we were heads up and I look down to see a beautiful 7 2 offsuit from the small blind. What's my move? Duh, I pushed and since he had me covered by at least 3 to 1 and was ready to end it, he called. All I could think was "OOOOF." My posture slumped even more when he turned over 10, 7. We deal the cards and the flop comes X, 2, 7. Wa Freakin Hoo! The power of the Hammer baby. The turn blanked and the river is another 7 for the Hammer boat. This put us about even and I was able to take in down within the next 4 hands. I don't think he mentally recovered from the hammer beat. Just kidding Scott. Oh, to make the day even better, (1) I was able to take the bounty on last event's winner when we were down the the final three and (2) prevented Mike H. from paying out the bounty he had put on me. We finally finished our game around 10ish and the three drunkest were still playing crazy ass cash games. I unfortunately couldn't play anymore. I had to get home and give the girls their walk, feeding, and play time before I hit the bed. I think I will take the day off from poker and try to enjoy the beautiful weather with a motorcycle ride and maybe some productive yard work as well.


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