Monday, May 21, 2007

This Week in Poker

I bombed out very early in last week's WWDN. I was feeling particulary vulnerable and needed poker reassurance so I jumped in to a 9 person SNG and quickly placed 9th. Obviously I wasn't playing very well, so I decided not to dip in to the luck bank and just called it a night.

I was well rested for the Mookie and didn't want another poor performance 2 nights in a row. This one went a little better and I was able to hang in there long enough to get some points, but no cash. My luck play of the night came when I made a big preflop bluff with the hammer and Mattazuma, the short stack pushed. It wasn't much more to call, but I wasn't happy to see an over pocket pair of the same suits. I don't know why I worried, it was the hammer after all.

While Stacie is out of town, I have been playing in Katitude's Donkament on Friday nights. This is a ton of fun for very little money. I was able to catch some good hands during the rebuy period when you can really get paid for them if your opponent has decent holdings. I had 2 nice ones against the host herself. Yeah, it's easy to win a hand when you have the nutz, but trying to get as many chips as possible is the fun part.

I played absolutely no poker all weekend due to working Saturday morning and doing a ton of yard work. I probably won't be playing online this week because I 'm going to the Braves' game on Tuesday and hosting a game on Wednesday night. If I'm still in town Friday night, I'll play in Kat's, otherwise it's another weekend in Greenville seeing Stacie and cutting her mom's grass.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Re: Kat's rebuy madness...does Stacie know how much you were manhandling Kat? Sinking a boat with quads and cracking the wheel with another boat? Must be nice to be running hot! Great hands. Wish I could've seen the girlie chat!


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