Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bummer Poker News

Ok, it seems every day I get bad news about the game I love. First it was the bullshit legislation, then some of the major sites stopped allowing us to log in, followed by the Neteller fiasco, now one of my favorite daily reads, Cardsquad, is closing shop. I noticed that Weblogs Inc (AOL) has killed off a Cardsquad sister site that I also read,

Apparently, I am not interested in the right things for advertising dollars. Under the category of "duh", I have also come to the conclusion that it rarely has a good result when your "niche" interest becomes owned by a big dumbass corporation. I look to Comcast's complete wrecking of ZD/TechTV as a prime example. I hope Google doesn't end up on the dark side in the next few years.

Another sort of bummer poker news is my 3rd or 4th place finish in the VIP / PokerSavvy freeroll last night. I say it's a bummer because I never got to finish playing in it. Sitting squarely at 3rd in chips after 2 hours of play, we were down to 5 and the site's server decides to lose it's mind. With the top 4 paying out, I wanted to try to move up the ladder or at least not drop any more. We all sat around for the next hour and tried to call customer service to get the game going again. I didn't feel like staying up any longer, so I just napped on the couch until around 12:30 this morning. I got up, saw the tournament was still locked so I decided to go to bed and see what poker Santa would bring me overnight. I checked the computer this morning and saw that the game did continue eventually and I was blinded out to a small payout. It was free money, but I was still disappointed to not take 1st out of 30, or at least a little better cash given the circumstances.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Yeah, the CardSquad thing caught me off guard, too. Now I have to find something else to plug the hole in my My Yahoo page.

Bummer on the MTT. I've had tourneys that never got off the ground due to technical issues, but I've never had the servers freeze in the middle of the game.

At 1:02 AM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

So that's where you got the VIP money from. Now I get it. I was wondering how you made a deposit in the first place.

Anyway, great playing with you tonight. I actually took down the second game. Crushed it!

PS. Your RSS feed doesn't work, so I can't see it in bloglines.


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