Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No Freerollin' Love

I entered the PokerSavvy freeroll and got bounced 12th out of 24. evilch1ck3n crushed me with one brutal hand. In the BB, I had 10, 5 and we had 5 limpers to me so I checked. The flop comes 10, 10, 5 so I'm sitting pretty. I check and call the raise. 1 big better on the turn and I min raise it back to him. He pushes and I call. He shows 10, 8 for trips and we watch the river pair his 8 for the bigger boat. That's twice in a week that I have been out boated on the river. Maybe I'm just playing them wrong, but I'm trying to start maximizing profits from my good hands. I was able to get my stack off of life support because I won a race and was dealt some good cards right after this. I guess people thought I was on tilt and paid me off, but the blinds were about to become a problem. I took my shot and evilch1ck3n finished me off about 10 minutes later when I pushed preflop from the SB with A,8 against his button raise. No winning the race for me as his pocket 4s hold even with a K,Q,J flop to give me more outs. I realized I did misplay this hand but good news is I got to go to bed at around my normal time. Right now, I'd rather have ZZZZZs than $$$$$. Well maybe not $$$$$, but definitely more than $.

Although I have not been able to cash in forever in the PokerSavvy freerolls, I can't pass up a once a week opportunity to try. I'll hit it again next week and see how that goes. I hope to jump back in to the Mookie soon. Speaking of blogger tournaments, where have the original gangstas of Wil's game gone? I see a few familiar faces (RicoM, Weak, Transfish, ISS Spock, STB) , but not much of FishyMcDonK, Waffles, Smokkee, Slimeface, JJOK, Kat, Surf (or any of his work crew), Don, Carmen, Ike, Mow, or Ski. I did happen to see someone (Kajagugu) in my town that was playing and found out we live about 3 miles from each other. I'll have to see about getting him in the next ATL bloggers game.


At 2:17 AM, Blogger jjok said...

7:30 gets no love from me.

I would like to play in it, just that the girls are up then and I don't want to play when they're awake.......


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