Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How do you crack Aces?

Well the Royal Flush helps. This is from Wil's game tonight, and yes the money went in preflop.

Pocket Aces showed up at my tables 5 times tonight and they usually went up against another great hand. Wil not only lost with his, but got knocked out by them later while he had KK. I had them once and won and then got knocked out in 11th to them when I pushed preflop. It was looking promising for me because I had trips on the turn, but justice prevailed and he rivered an A for his full boat. I was trying to be patient and pick my hands but as the blinds increased my range of starting hands did as well. It was just unfortunate to have the BB wake up with that hand. Other than that, I was happy with my play for the night. At least I outlasted Maigrey. We had a nice short stack contest going there for a while.


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