Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now What?

Poker has been going well this week. Since I can't cash out to Neteller, I decided to just "play off" my 25 bucks at VIP. I had just deposited the money the night before "the change" and couldn't get it back to my account. They have some .90+.10 10 person SNGs so this worked with my bankroll. I liked this setup because even though is was a small buy-in, the tourney fee was close percentage wise with the higher buyins. I have seen other sites that charge .25 for a 1.00 tournament. Even with the low buy-in, the play was still fun and didn't seem donkarific. I have had early success with these. I played in (3) 10 person SNGs and (1) 20 person 5 handed tourney. I got 2 firsts and a 3 third in the SNGs and mid pack in the short handed tourney. Short handed is obviously not my thing, but I had a good time with the 10 man SNGs. It's funny how I'm increasing my bankroll on a site where there are no bloggers tournaments to use the money later.


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