Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pizza and Patience

I just read Ryan's post and I had a similar thought Thursday night. I was returning an incorrectly made pizza after just driving up to the Hut to pick it up since the delivery time was 1.5 hours. I had asked for extra sauce, but it was entered as "no sauce." I didn't notice the lack of sauce until I returned home and Stacie picked up her first piece. Of course this really aggrevated me (partly because I should have checked better before I left the store) and I drove back up to get a corrected one. On the way, I tried to call in my corrected order so maybe the wait wouldn't be as long. By the time someone answered, I was only about 3 minutes away and got disconnected when they transferred me to the manager. So now, I'm on my second trip for
the night and have been hung up on when trying to speed up things. I walked in and told the manager that it was made incorrectly and gave him my ticket and explained how I would like them made. He of course apologized and asked me to wait 20 minutes for our 2 new ones. I gave my father a call while I was waiting, so it went by quick. They gave me my 2 new pizzas and I opened the box to verify it. I looked at them and they were made the exact same way - no sauce! I asked the manager where the sauce was and he said he thought it was originally made with extra sauce and I came back to ask for no sauce like the ticket said. Now we're pushing past 8PM and he's asking me to wait 20 more minutes and he's crediting my account $20 bucks. I know I have grown up and am becoming more patient because in the old days I probably would have become some ass clown that makes people nervous. I calmly told him "no big deal" and called Stacie while I waited for the pizzas again. I told her to grab a snack and I'd be home in 25 minutes. The new pizzas were made and let me tell you, they now had tons of extra sauce and were damn tasty.

I am trying to put things in perspective more and realize how great I have it on a daily basis. Of course there is no guarantee that I won't have days or games that make me go apeshit. So, here's to keeping yourself off of tilt. Oh, and for the record, I will now be placing my pizza orders online.


At 12:35 AM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I am IMPRESSED with your attitude. I could have EASILY been tilted if I was in your pizza situation. Your a gentleman and a scholar. hehehe


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