Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Close......

I played in the Pokersavvy $250 freeroll tonight. I was playing my ass off and it didn't hurt to get smacked with cards at times. I made it to the chip lead in the first hour, but got spanked really bad and dropped back to last. I clawed my way back to first and thought I had a good shot of cashing with my chip stack when there were 5 left with 3 slots paying. Unfortunately, my last 2 hands were pocket pairs that ran up against buzzsaw44's back to back pocket Aces and I go home on the bubble. Arggggggghhhh! Very disappointing to say the least. I might have been able to avoid the first pair, but then I'm pretty sure I would have lost my stack against his second hand anyway. Oh well, I'll try again next week.


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