Thursday, November 30, 2006

Long Weekend, Short Report

We headed up to G-Vegas around 2:15 last Wednesday. Arrived over 5 hours later. This is normally a 2hr and 15 minute trip. I was expecting 3 hours with 4 at the worst. Good grief! I will never travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving ever again. We ate very well at my aunt's place. This is by far my favorite home cooked meal of the year. Of course, I started the holiday by hitting the Pizza Inn buffet Wednesday night for my beloved Taco Pizza.

After dinner, I played Spades with 2 of my cousins and my aunt. I absolutely love card games. Cards were always big on my Dad's side of the family. I remember watching my family play Euchre when I was a kid and couldn't wait until I was old enough to stay up and play with them. Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough, the card playing gang wasn't around any more. I guess that's why I always jumped at the chance to play 5 card draw in school and neighborhood games. This is even what I did for my 21st birthday. That's right, no boobies for Brian, just cards and an awesome Cuban cigar with Chad and Ted back in Auburn.

The drive back on Friday was quick and we did a little bit of shopping Saturday. We spent most of the weekend putting the finishing touches on the yard to get it ready for Winter. This included pruning and spreading about 20 bags of mulch around the house. The weather was phenomenal and I even got in some riding time while running errands.


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