Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Still Love Poker

I am glad that even after playing online for a year now, I still get very excited to play in Wil's Tuesday night game. It is something that I really look forward to each week and I'm ready to play again when it's done. It is fun to meet up with familiar players and Wil is a gracious host. Last night was no exception. I lasted quite a while despite being second to last at the first break. During the night, I made some great reads (including folding QQ to Wil's KK after the flop), some horrible reads that got lucky (sorry XKM), a few suckouts (sorry Decker), and at times, good cards. After the second break, I had scratched my way up to 4th with 15 left. I had enough chips to fold to the final table, but I didn't let up on my aggression. I should have let up a bit because after two beats (not bad mind you) in a row, I went to bed with no moolah. I am still bothered about this today and that's when I realized how much I value playing this game and try to do my best. It is the same in the Mookie, but the late starting time is what hurts me the most.

Speaking of Wil as the host, I'm sure last night was the least fun for him. Since he has been doing the PokerStars freerolls it seems to bring some crazy railbirds to his weekly online "home game." The upside for the regulars is the increased prize pool to shoot for with hopefully some dead money.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

I'm just the opposite...the WWdN starts almost too early for me, but the Mook works fine. And yes, it sucks missing the money in both tournaments, probably because they DO feel like a home game. GL and see ya out there.


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