Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Over the holidays, we caught up on some movie watching:

Ice Age - This is the first one, yeah we're a little behind. We really enjoyed it and look forward to Netflix sending me the sequel.

World Trade Center - This was a very good movie. I especially liked the way Oliver Stone told a familiar story from an unfamiliar perspective. Sadly, we have all seen the planes crashing and the towers falling, but to "live" it from the perspective of those on and under the ground. It showed the initial confusion during the tragedy and the 24 hours that followed for some of the first responding victims / heroes trapped when the towers fell.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - I am trying to catch up on some famous classics and this one certainly fit the the bill. There were some long moments, but I really enjoyed this one.
Invincible - This was a very pleasant surprise. I don't really remember this movie when it hit the theater, but Stacie wanted to see it when it made it on DVD. As usual, I had to look up the "real" person to see more of what happened. Pretty cool story either way.

Talladega Nights - Absolutely ridiculous! Tons of laugh out loud moments, but a silly movie overall. Some of the scenes ran a little too long and I think it could have been funnier if it was about 10 select minutes shorter.

Pirates - Dead Man's Chest - Just trying to keep up with the story. I enjoyed it but Stacie thought it was too gross and wasn't as interested. I will give the third a shot, but I doubt Stacie will. I reserve my decision on seeing the 4th until next summer.


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