Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Week in Review

Long time no hear. I have just been chillin' at the crib. I got my Christmas shopping done early so I've had a good bit of time on my hands. We took Monday off and really enjoyed the unusually warm weather. Stacie spent all day Saturday and some Sunday morning doing her Christmas baking. We then loaded up Santa's motorcycle and did some cookie deliveries.

On the poker front, I completely bombed out of our home game last week. I wasn't in a good place before the game, but I had a great time and didn't really mind just hanging around after I was the first one busted. I was able to make up for it with another SNG win to boost the bankroll. I also played in the WWDN Tuesday night and feel that I was playing some of the best poker in my short poker life. I still didn't make it to the break, but I was very pleased with my play. I was able to control the table until Wigginx (?) made one unfortunate suckout on me. He knocked out my KK with his mighty Q 10 when he rivered 2 pair. I was very disappointed to not make it further, but at least this time I got my money in as an overwhelming favorite. I hope to make up for it tonight in another home game.

*Update....I didn't do too hot in the home game last night. I was trying to play these guys like I do the $5 SNGs and that isn't gonna work. They are much better than that. I did a poor job switching styles and maybe I'll learn by next week's game. We are doing about one a week during the holidays so it's keeping up our poker fix.

Entertainment Reviews:

They cancelled Day Break and that bummed us.

I have officially stopped watching CSI Miami. I realize it has always been cheezy, but when Horatio superceded Homeland Security to save south Florida they jumped the shark and I said "enough."

Superman Returns - too boring to finish.

Miami Vice - also boring, but I felt compelled to finish. I want my 2+ hours back.

Nevada Smith - Old Steve McQueen movie that I did enjoy.

Movies we'll be watching this weekend - Talladega Nights, World Trade Center, and the second installment in the Pirate's series. I have been double dipping with Blockbuster giving free movie rentals for the address labels from Netflix. The promo ends today but I should be good through the New Year Holiday.


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