Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Enjoying The Time Off

I have managed to give back most of my pre-holiday SNG winnings in the past couple of days. I capped it off with a midrange performance in the WWDN last night. Wil himself was able to take a good bit of chips from me after a tried a stupid bluff and I thought I was pot committed after doing so. I finished out the hand even though I was beat to all but 6 outs. Cfinnn put the finishing touch on me when I went all in preflop with QQ and she called with AK suited that paired on the the flop. She had quite a roll and I'm glad she was able to cash with my chips. I also greatly enjoyed railing ISS Spock. Congrats to him as well for his cash in the tourney. We were all having a great time coming up with Star Trek puns. Wow, I just realized that my non-poker, non-Trek friends have completely tuned out now.

Busy poker night tonight. I've got a live game at 7, PokerSavvy freeroll at 9PM, and the Mook at 10 PM. I hope I am doing well enough in the homegame to miss the other two, no offense Mook. I'll be there next week.
*Update* There is no Mook tonight anyway so I won't feel bad about missing it.

I am all about the freerolls lately. PokerSavvy has a few a month that I'm able to play in but only 1 cash finish so far. I did manage to finish 357th out of 5000 last night in the $1k PokerStars freeroll for a whopping $.70. Not alot of money, but it is my best finish ever for a tourney with more than 150 people. Hey, if it was the WSOP, that would have been quite a haul. Of course the WSOP doesn't have 5 minute blinds. I am also signed up for PokerSavvy's $1K later in January.

Christmas went well. We had a low key weekend with Stacie's mother in town. Santa was good to us. I have my usual after Christmas shopping for myself to do. I always think of little things I would like after it is too late. I am going to buy a couple of sets of Copag cards and a button timer. Ebay is great for these kind of items. Maybe one day I'll buy some new chips and a table. One of my neighbors built a kick ass table that is the envy of our home game players. I doubt I will build one, but I've been keeping my eye out for a good sale at Sports Authority.
My brother and his family are heading in for a visit this weekend so we can do our gift exchange with them. They'll be gone by New Year's Eve and I'm not sure what we are going to do this year to celebrate. We'll probably do the usual and be in bed by 10 so we will be well rested to watch Auburn win the Cotton Bowl.

Good luck to Clemson in their bowl game this Friday and I hope everyone has a safe weekend.


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