Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ATL Blogger Game, The Great White North Version

I'm a little late with my post about our ATL Bloggers Live Game. We really enjoyed Ski's house and his finished basement is awesome. He's got the bar, big screen HDTV, pool table, dart board and 2 poker tables with plenty of room to spare. It was great to meet Mrs. Ski, CC, Weak, Mrs. Weak (Transfish), Rufus, Butch, and Ski's brother. I also enjoyed seeing Ski and Surf again. We had at least 4 WWDN / Mookie winners at the table, with a few of us as multi winners. We were short a couple of the scheduled bloggers, but since we are trying to do this quarterly, I expect to see them in the beginning of next year.

CC and Ski already have good posts about the attendees and play. They both were very kind and ommitted my lack of concentration or skill for the evening. I got very lucky in the first game when I put myself in a bad postion with a stupid raise and Transfish went all in. I figured I was beat by an Ace, but possibly I was just up against an under pair. Since I had already gotten my hand caught, I finished out the bet. I managed to make a pair to knock her out and give me a decent stack. Not a good play on my part, but a good result. We got down to 3 and Weak (the chipleader) suggested a 3 way chop so we can get to the next game. That at least would allow me to be up for the night and pay my entry to the second tourney.

As if I wasn't focused enough on the first game, the second game really showed I wasn't paying attention. I really felt foolish with my lack of attention at the table. I was knocked out quickly and volunteered to be the dealer since CC had been doing it all night for us while playing. Turns out, I might have sucked more as a dealer than a player. Even though I had a good time, I didn't give a good impression about any abilities as a player. Hopefully my winning personality more than made up for my table performance.


At 1:45 PM, Blogger 23skidoo said...

Thanks for the compliments Brain! Hopefully we won't make it a year before scheduling another one.

At 1:24 AM, Blogger jjok said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Rock on Irish Brain!!!!

Congrats bro!


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