Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weekend Movie Reviews

2 great ones to recommend:

The Sentinel

Even though Michael Douglas is getting older, he still does a great job with thrillers. Kim Basinger looks great and it was good for Eva Longoria to do something besides the gardener. It was funny to see Sledge Hammer playing the President. I would like to see Kiefer Sutherland start doing something different than the "intense" character / narrator that seems to be all I see / hear of him since 24 and Phonebooth. Remember Lost Boys, Stand By Me, and Young Guns. Those were great flicks were he played strong characters but with different feels. The movie had action, nice pacing, and a good story. I wish they expanded more about the motivation of the "traitor."

Inside Man

This was awesome! My man, Clive Owen, does great along with Denzel Washington. The dialog was great, even with the bit characters. Good story and smart roles and not your typical "cop and robbers" movie. I loved the loose flowing interrogation scenes. You don't know whether Denzel is being a good cop or just a total prick. I would put this movie high on the rental / must see list.


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