Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mansion Freeroll

I played in the Mansion Freeroll this afternoon. I didn't do too bad considering there were 270 in the tournament. I finished 14th and collected enough to play in the Mansion / PokerSavvy adder tomorrow. The only name I recognized was Smokkee. We even were seated next to each other when we hit the money at the final 3 tables.

No words of wisdom about my play. I got nice cards at times, made good bluffs at times, and got lucky as well when I needed it. I was really working for the final table, but made a bad call when a shorter stack went all-in and it folded around to me in the big blind with pocket 7s. I called and he flipped over AA and took half my stack and I didn't advance anymore after that. Boy, 1st sure would have been nice, but I'll take anything in a freeroll. Right?

I hope to see you tomorrow at the Mansion tourney and don't forget to participate in the Monday and Thursday Titan League. It's a $2 rebuy with a good prize pool at the end of the season.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

ya, i cashed a cool $7

gonna let it ride on the Chargers Monday night.


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