Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Do Love My Pocket Pairs

Not to be confused with the pair in my pockets.

The cards were just hitting me in the face last night in Big Willy's Game last night. Before the break, I had the hammer, a full house, pocket Aces, and hit quads. Even with these great cards, I never got much higher than double the initial count. I was having a good time chatting with RicoM and MsJoanne, but I was not terribly pleased with my play given the cards I was getting. That didn't excuse my idiotic move with S.T.B. He raises from middle postion and it folded to me in the big blind. I have pocket nines and pay to see the flop. With Q, 10, X on the flop, he makes a large bet. This gives me plenty of opportunity to fold, but I was thinking he was on an A,K straight draw, so I stupidly push. Well, I was half right, only his K was an A and I didn't improve. I have been knocked out too much lately when I fall in love with my pocket pairs in the blinds. I don't have a problem with my initial call, I just need to let them go if the flop doesn't go my way or I'm faced with a game ending bet. I'm gonna work on fixing that. We have company tonight, so I won't be in the Mookie, so I'll see everyone later. Stay tuned for days 2-4 of our NYC trip.


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