Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sometimes Things Happen for a Reason

Stacie is a good daughter and went up to her mother's for the weekend. I went down to my Dad's for the weekend. Yeah, I know it's Mother's Day weekend, but don't get me started on that shit.

I was planning on taking the trip to south Alabama on my motorcycle, but questionable weather made me wuss out and I drove the car. I went down Friday afternoon and wasn't in too big of a hurry so when I saw a sign for a scenic area, I decided to check it out. I have been down this road many times over the past 18 years and this sign looked new. It was a short little walking trail that went through a swampy area with boardwalks, bird blinds, and a tall observation deck. It was a nice place to take a mid drive break and stretch my legs. Not much wildlife was out, but the weather was awesome. I am horrible/great at pulling off the rode during vacations to take pictures or try new trails and see new stuff. It can turn a short trip into a medium to long ride. Life is the journey, not the destination right. Blah, blah, blah!

It turned out to be a good thing I didn't ride the bike. When I got back on Sunday, I needed to run a few errands. The weather was still great so I got suited up to do them on my bike. I started to back out of the garage and noticed it was not moving easily. I was down to 10 PSI in my back tire. Sometime late last week, I picked up 2 small shards of metal and now have a slow leak. Unfortunately this is a fairly new tire with less than 700 miles on it. The bad news with motorcycles is when this happens you gotta get a new tire. Patches should only be done for emergencies. Good-bye $200. While I was checking other things out, I noticed I was low on oil. When the hell did that happen? Hopefully I haven't screwed anything up with it. I think I will go ahead and get the major service done when I take it in for a new tire after I get back from Memorial Day weekend. It's not due for another 400 miles, but I'm ready to have it done. Once that is done, I am planning some trips to Nashville, Huntsville, Knoxville, Greenville, and Mudville (where there is no joy.)

Stacie and I will be going away to Orlando on business next week so I am going to miss a good BMW rally in Huntsville next weekend. I think this is something I will reserve time for next year. Since I am a little behind with house stuff and will be away from my computer next week, I probably won't be posting or playing until the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Good luck at your tables, and I hope everyone has a good 2 weeks and enjoy the upcoming holiday.


At 1:56 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Bummer on the tire but have fun in Mickey land. The happiest place on earth. Can you tell I have kids?


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