Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh, I'd say it was only 89 degrees

Not much happening lately. Stacie and I have started on some more yard projects. Of course, it had to be the hottest day of the year, but we already had our supplies and were ready to do the work. We did work Saturday evening and then started again Sunday morning. We had to knock off around 1 so we wouldn't over do it on a bright sunny day. Other than cutting grass, I am trying to space out the projects and take advantage of any cool dry days. With enough planning and fair weather, I am going to restain the deck within the next month.

Last Tuesday our first hummingbird of the season arrived and a second one showed up yesterday. They seemed to have come early this year, but we have had warm weather for quite a while.

We got in a small ride to visit a bike shop that our coworkers owns. Her husband and his buddy created a store / repair shop that mainly caters to Harleys and other chrome laden rides. Not much for a BMW rider like myself. I wanted to buy Stacie a riding jacket, but they were a little more leather oriented than we were looking for. We were there mainly to show our support and get in about a 40 mile roundtrip ride after dropping off the car for service.

On the poker front, I have really been stinking up the joint. I have gone out early in the last 5 blogger events. At least last night Waffles got to spank me with 9,2o after limping on his BB. Flop came 9,2,x with another 9 on the river. Oh well, almost $1K was raised during the charity tournament. I have only made money in one SNG out of the last 10. It was a first place so my losses were countered a little bit. I am at the point where I need to play less, learn/read/observe more and then see if I can bring my game up to a level where I stop my poor showings. I think even if I were to stop playing online, I would continue to read the poker blogs I subscribe through bloglines. I really respect and enjoy Waffles, Wes, and everybody else on my links. My god man, after reading Wes's last post I am amazed at his talent and gives me some hope that if I work on my education I could do better. I won't be playing WWDN Tuesday night because we have dinner plans with a group of neighbors. I was really wanting to play this week because I am a huge fan of the namesake, Change100. Hers is my favorite read based on entertainment value and poker content. If you haven't checked it out, start at the beginning and work your way forward. I could see how she could easily have a 30 minute show / sitcom about a poker playing, pot smokin', Hollywood producer modeled after her and her writings.


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