Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm Still Dumping Hollywood

I forgot to share my results from my Hollywood Poker new members freeroll on Monday night. 161 players signed up and I tried to show patience through the first break. I was feeling really good about my play and then noticed that as people got knocked out, it announced $3.22 prizes awarded to their account. I think they started paying out at around 40. I broke through 20 when the fateful hand occurred. I had A 10 and called a small raise. The flop came A J 10 and somehow we both ended up all-in. I can tell while writing this that I need to take better notes. This would help my playing as well as my blogging. Sorry, back to the hand. He turned over JJ for trips and my 2 pair never improved. I went out 19th for a payday of $6.44. Hey, my first money from Hollywood. I have one more freeroll ticket that I may do Sunday night or sometime next week.


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