Saturday, April 08, 2006

Now I know why I like PokerStars

After not seeing any decent hands at Hollywood Poker, I decided to go back and try some SNGs at Stars. It just seems like good hands come up more often. I waited patiently and when I got top trips on the flop I bet heavily into it. My opponent went all-in and I called. This is by no means a crack on my opponent, I think he made the right call on the flop. This is just to show for fun.

This knocked me down to nothing. I sat out 2 rounds and then got Ks10s and called the BB. The flop comes Ah, Qs, Js. I wanted to get a little cash so I checked the flop as did my opponent. I didn't want to monkey around too much so I went all-in when a rag showed on the turn. He called and the river was 9s. I quickly said "Shit" when he turned over AsXs for his nut flush until the dealer reports that I won with a straight flush. Oops, so much for paying attention. I didn't feel too bad, I don't think that qualifies as a suckout if I was never behind. Since I haven't downloaded the screenhunter program yet I couldn't save the hand because I already had Paint up for the quads beating my full house.

After missing capturing that hand, I did a quick save so I could do future screen shots. I was down to short stack again and I was able to check 8,4 offsuit in the big blind. Then it turned into a nice BB special. I felt if the short stack (me) did any bet on this flop, he would fold so I decided to gamble on him not catching a hand and checked. He check and then the 4th lovely 8 showed on the turn.

Luckily, my weakness ploy worked because I checked again and he bet me all-in. That put me back in the running but my luck didn't hold and I went out not long after that.

I haven't played as many games online total as some bloggers play daily, but the frequency I see really big hands on PokerStars is amazing. In about 20 total games that I have ever played on Stars, I have had quad Aces twice and a straight flush. On Hollywood Poker, I can't even seem to get a pair let alone anything to string together. I'm not trying to bring up any conspiracies, I'm just sayin'.................


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I have noticed the same thing on pokerstars, no doubt. And I have played thousands of tournaments and games on stars, in addition to partypoker and full tilt. When pokerstars is being funny with the draws, it is as funny as anything you could ever make up.


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