Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Nephew and Dundee

Not much going on lately. We went to my brother's over the weekend to visit with the family. Our 3 year old nephew loves Dundee and after a few years of limited exposure, she is much more comfortable with him. He is very good with her, but I think she is still remembering his early days when he was learning to walk and would fall on her when he tried to pet her. They also used to wig each other out with their respective communications. He would squeal with excitement which Dundee clearly didn't like and when Dundee would bark at him to play with her, he would start to cry. Now when Dundee barks he tells us "that's how Dundee talks," but it still startles him. Once they get going playing ball or throwing a stick they both start having fun.

Our niece is 1 and although she clearly likes Dundee, she is not as obsessive about her as my nephew was at his age. Our niece will walk around the house and slowly follow Dundee or turn her head to watch her when she is around but doesn't run after her or follow her to her hiding spots like he did. It is very cute to see my nephew tell my niece "Dundee is a good dog, Dundee is a sweet dog" when they are petting her.

My brother has a nice, level, fenced in backyard so when the weather is nice, it makes for a great day playing with Dundee and the kids. He has an interest in birds like I do. With his more wooded neighborhood, his variety of feathered visitors is much greater than mine. He has already had his first hummingbird of the year. I guess its time to start putting out the sugar water for ours even though we are back in a rut of 30-50 degree days.

Stacie is hosting a baby shower for our friends on Saturday so I am going to a neighbor's to play some short handed poker. The size of this game varies, but its looking like around 5-7 players, so maybe we'll play 2 tournaments. I may play online as well since I opened an account on Hollywood Poker to try out some new tournaments and SNGs.


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