Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Let me just start by being very thankful for my win in the WWDN tourney last night. We had 77 players and went to around midnight EST. With that said, I must apologize for being the luckiest DONKEY known to man! I should have been knocked out multiple times but managed to river at least 4 if not 5 suckouts. Most of the time I put myself in those situations, I either went in incorrectly thinking I had the best hand or was bluffing and went all in and got caught by someone calling with a better hand. The results were ridiculous and I know that I was just a really shitty player compared to my competition. Sir Waffles had a great post about luck, and I embodied that to the Nth degree last night.

At the first break, I was in first place and kind of stayed near the top until the final 20. I dropped down to 12 out of 12 and then was the very low stack when we got to the final table. My greatest luck came when at the final table, I went all in with KsXo and got 4 spades to come on the board. This was particularly ugly and I received much deserved mocking from the railbirds. I did a couple of more all-ins that held up. I even managed to get my two nemeses for the evening, Mourn and Katitude. I was really proud of the Atlanta metro area representation for the night. At the final table there were 3 of us (Transfish and Mowenumdown) and the HU match was 2 GA boys. Not University of Georgia, mind you, but it was clear mowenumdown was a Dawgs fan.

I offer this admission to hopefully appease the Poker Gods so they will continue to smile upon me. For the sake of the mortgage payment, this is why I only play tournaments. I have managed to have (2) 1st place and (1) 2nd place out of the last 6 times I have entered this regular tournament so naturally I am thrilled with that.

I am not sure if Wil is going to do a tournament of champions or when it will be. If not, no worries its been great so far. I don't know how many players have won multiple Tuesday night tourneys, but I don't think there are more than 3. Maybe the 2nd place finisher from the second win will get the invite or it will just extend the qualification until there are the designated number of winners.

Let the flaming begin!


At 11:39 AM, Blogger FishyMcDonk said...

Sounds like it was all pure skill. I had to miss this week due to me playing in a hockey game. And I'm likely to miss next week too. But I look fwd to us battling again soon. Maybe Wil could call next week the "WWdN: BrainMc and FishyMcDonK Suckout Masters Invitational". (you're on my links now)

At 12:00 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Everyone hates the lucky guy, but luck is a factor. Keep doing what works for you. I had fun playing with you.


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