Monday, December 08, 2008

Home Game Excitement

The UGA boys opened up their final game to outsiders to give it more of a Main Event feel with a higher buy-in. We had 20 players and it awarded 500 bucks to 1st place and 4th would get you back your buy-in plus another 50.

I chipped up a little and was trying to pick up some of the blinds in the early levels while there was not much resistance. I wasn't getting the greatest cards so I could easily dump on flops with a lot of paint. Around the 3rd level, I raised from middle position with A,7 of clubs. Not my normal M.O. but people had been playing pretty tight. "Main Event" Mike came along for the ride and we saw a flop. With a flop of 10, 8, x and 2 of them clubs, I checked and Mike checked behind me. Sweet, free card! The turn brings a low club giving me the nut flush and I check again. Mike makes a good size bet at the pot and I Hollywood for a bit before pushing all in. I have Mike covered and he still has a fair amount of blinds left if he folds. He thought for a minute or two and makes the tough call since there is so much out there. I show the Ace high flush and he has a set of 8s. He needs the board to pair on the river and the home court advantage gives him another 10 for his boat. Booooooo! This knocks me down to 6 or 7 big blinds and my cards are so bad, I have to give up both the big and small blinds to preflop raises. I get A,10 on the button or cutoff and put the rest of my chips in. Chase says he knows he is behind, but has to call with 2 paints. King on the flop and I don't catch any of the remaining Aces or running cards for broadway.

I was the second or third player out and we wanted at least 5 for a cash game so I went across the street and got a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. This is one of my favorite weekend treats. I brought my dinner back to the game and waited around for some more players to start up the cash game. While we were waiting one of the players was notified by a neighbor that someone had hit one of the cars parked on the street. The neighbor said he heard the smack and then saw the woman back up, turn off her lights, and then drive on through down the street. This put us on break while people could inspect for damage. I thought someone might have side swiped a few of the cars that were parked along both sides of the street. APOSEC72 and his friend Matt were the unlucky victims. When we saw the damage to Matt's 350Z, you could tell he had been hit square in the back end and this pushed him into APOSEC's Explorer. This chick must have been drunk, texting, or on the phone to hit his car like she didn't even see it. To wait on the police and insurance calls, this put us on a 2.5 hour delay.

I should have gone home right then, but I didn't imagine it would be almost 3 hours before we would get the cash game started. I played for another 2-3 hours and managed to only finish up 2 whole dollas. Not exactly getting my tournament buy-in back, but still fun.
Fortunately for APOSEC72 and Matt, the woman came by on Sunday and left her contact info. Ooooooooo, somebody's in troubbbbbble.


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