Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spending Dimes Faster Than The Tigers Can Blow A Lead

OK, seriously WTF is wrong with Auburn in the second half of every game? While I don't think Tubberville is going to get fired, they do need to get their shit together for recruiting purposes. Alabama has come from nowhere under Saban and is going to start hand picking the high school talent.

The rebuy didn't go well. I pushed every hand for an hour straight. I was throwing dimes like I was Pauly with bills in the Spearmint Rhino. This totaled 76 rebuys and I was in the Dank position almost the entire time. My high water mark was about 26,000 for 1 hand. I lasted about 5 minutes after the 1st break when I ran my short stack with pocket 10s in to the pocket Aces of IslandBum1 in the big blind. At least I didn't have to stick around for the slow death and no sleep.

I played with APOSEC72's friends last Friday night, but didn't have any success. I hope to turn it around for some home game action this weekend since I haven't done so well with live play this year. Maybe I can have a good finish and try to go to Vegas for the December gathering.


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