Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best Rebuy Evah

Since Kaj's neighborhood didn't have their game Friday night and Stacie had already made other plans, I was able to play in Kat's rebuy donkament. I joined Joanada, Buddy, Muhctim, and NumbBono for some ridiculous web cam action with my new toy. I picked up a couple of webcams for a good price on Black Friday.

I was on too much cold medicine to join them in the brewed versions of alcohol, but we had a blast. It was especially fun when it was Jo, Numb, and I for the final 3. Numb was able to "see into my soul" and knock me out when I bluff pushed with the Jack Ace on a King high flop. He made the easy call with his King and since it was late for me, I declined to head over to PokerStars for some more action. I will however, not decline their invitation to join them on Buddy Dank Radio more often in the future.


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