Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Bankroll Management?

If you've got $11.27 left in your Bodog account, what's the best move? Why you throw 11 of that in the ring and play in game 1 of the next Bodog Blogger Series. I am usually successful in building my accounts back up when by back is against the wall. Not so much this time. Congrats to Skidoo for winning the first game. This gives him enough dough to freeroll the rest of the season.

It is a great series to play, I’m just not great in it. The fields are usually reasonable and the overlays are great. I completely bombed in it last time around and couldn’t boost my account after my initial deposit. I blew through that initial deposit and am trying to throw some more money back in the account. I have tried 3 places to put in another deposit for season 2 but the places Bodog is send me to don’t recognize the transfer company (ITT of America) they are telling me to use. Bummer. With socialized medicine on the horizon and my lack of ability to play on Bodog, I’m feeling more Canadian every day.
*UPDATE* I wasn't hearing either customer service lady correctly. When the second lady sent me the instructions by email, I noticed it should go to IPP, not ITT.

Congrats to Surflexus for taking down our 10 man home game last week. It was good to see at least one full table in our neighborhood again. We have been taking a hit on attendance this past year since our neighborhood tour ended in January. The recent crop of kids has been keeping the daddies busy and not leaving much free time to gamble away their college funds.


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