Monday, December 01, 2008

Tis the Season For Poker

We got off of work early on Wednesday and took off Friday for a great long holiday weekend. Stacie, her mother, and I drove down to Dothan on Thursday morning and had Thanksgiving with Dad, my aunt and cousins. My aunt always makes my favorites like egg noodles, mashed potatoes, and a buttery squash casserole. Stacie calls it my plate of white and yellow starches. It is a meal I look forward to every year but I can’t always make it due to scheduling. We stuffed our stomachs, loaded up a cooler full of my favorite leftovers and then my cousin wanted to play some hold’em. 5 of us decided to play a $5 winner take all tournament. Only my brother had ever played with blinds so we had to show them the ropes. After some leisurely playing, I was able to take my family’s money. Nothing like free food and some extra cash. My cousin wanted to win his money back so after my brother headed back to Huntsville, we played another game. Stacie joined us for a little 4 person game. I got heads up with my aunt and we chopped so she could get to bed. She had to be at work at 5AM. Ahh, gotta love retail management. Stacie and I took my dad and her mom to IHOP for brunch and then we drove back to Atlanta Friday afternoon.

I made it home in time for a cash game in our neighborhood. I like these games because we do more bullshitting and cutting up than we do in tournaments since there is no clock. A downside of the casual cash games is that I tend to drink too much. This game was no exception. A night of Guinness and Tequila doesn’t do wonders for you the next day while you are watching your team get the crap beat out of them. Before I had too much to drink and we wrapped things up, I was able double my money due to some generous river cards. I would love to record these sessions because the things people say are absolutely hilarious. The line of the night went to Tom when he informed us that the doctors accidentally removed his taint during his circumcision.


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