Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good Run Lately

I wasn't able to do anything in my last neighborhood game, but since then, I'm cashing 4/4 this past week. It started with a good finish in the Mookie for a little scratch.

I followed this up with some single table action at Kaj's home game. I finished 1/9 in game 1 and 2/8 for game 2. I had a great time as usual and this is a game I look forward to every month. It's not just my success, but I also enjoy his neighbors. They're always good for some laughs.

My return to the Monkey Tuesday night netted me 3/9 for close to a double up on my buy-in. That was one of the longest 3 handed sessions I've ever seen. Since the chip leader was distracted with another tournament, you could do a ton of stealing but rch60 and I just kept swapping chips until I pushed with second pair against his trip Queens. Yay me!

Let's hope my Poker Mojo is still in full effect this weekend. Kaj and I are riding up to 23Skidoo's to meet with the other ATL bloggers. I am so stoked for this weekend. We've also got the last stop for our Neighborhood Poker League next week and maybe I can shore up some live poker funds to go in to the New Year.

I hope everyone had a great time in Vegas and I still have to catch up on the trip reports.


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