Thursday, March 01, 2007

Karma and the Kings

JJ may be OK, but KK is really starting to piss me off. My cowboys were getting fucked so much I thought I was Heath Ledger. SIR ROBIN Gyllenhaaled me the both times I had them to finish me off in the WWDN this week. Even though he bluffed me off of them the first time, I was very happy with my play for the evening overall.

The first gentle slap and tickle happened when I was UTG (I think). I raised a little over 3XBB and he calls from his later postion. The flop comes AQA and I incorrectly (?) showed weakness and checked to this scary board. He pushes and I was figuring him for A,10 or higher, so I let it go. He shows Q rag for 2 pair that I had beat. Oh well, he probably would've hit his 2 outer anyway. That's how his night went.

He delivered the knockout blow to me later when I pushed my pocket Kings on a Q high flop. He thought about it for a bit and then called with Q4. Of course the turn is a 4 and IGHN. I figured my image would have kept him from making the call, but he was catching every card he needed for the night it seems. I pretty much was just being most aggressive when I had a great hand or the hammer. Maybe I played too many and that didn't give me the respect I expected on the hand.

I joked about Karma and how the KK would be his downfall later in the tourney. Boy was I wrong. Just to show how much control he had over the Brokeback Bitches, he handily knocked out Hoy's latest rant target when she pushed from the BB. I quit watching and went to bed when he made it to heads up with over a 4:1 lead. Congrats to him if he did win. Maybe I'll play next week if I have time since I will be without the cards for a couple of weeks.


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