Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ass Meets Couch

I've had a really good week of goofing around and doing leisure activities for the past 7 days. I can't think of much that I have done that has been productive but I have certainly been enjoying myself. The weather has been too cold to do much other than indoor activites anyway.

Last Tuesday, I was invited to watch the Thrasher's game from a suite and had a good time as they beat the Devils. Hockey games are easily my favorite event to watch live because there is so much going on even when the players aren't on the ice. Of course free parking and tickets for the suite make it nice too, especially when Dave is doing the driving.

I met up with Kajagugu on Friday night and joined his neighbor's home game. I had a good time with his neighbors and we managed to play 2 tournaments with at least 15 in each. I didn't fair too well, but I'll try again next time if I'm invited. He did much better and won the second one. Congrats. The commute was nothing and the host had a great layout with 2 tables, a ping pong table, XBox 360 and HD in his recently finished basement. My only complaint was how quickly the blinds became a large portion of my stack compared to how I usually run my games or play in the weekly MTTs online. It took me a bit to figure out how we could play 2 tournaments before midnight when we didn't start until 8. If I remember correctly, with a $1500 starting stack, we were at 100/200 at level 3. I usually set us up to be there at level 6 so we can get a little more play in without seeing so many pushes within the first hour. Since it is the host's game, I play it their way. They did add an extra 500 in starting chips and an additional 5 minutes to the blinds for the second tourney. I probably shouldn't look at this as a complaint but instead as an opportunity to try different things and make my game adapt to the conditions.

I got in lots of movie watching this week. Stacie and I watched The Fountainhead on Thursday for our "date" night. Since it was an older film and based on an Ayn Rand story, it is definately different than the movies that are made today. I enjoyed many parts of it, but her ultimate message is still a little more than my little brain can grasp. On Saturday, I followed this up with Jet Li's Fearless while Stacie actually went to the theater. This is almost unheard of in our house, but she went with a friend who had a day off without her baby. I really enjoyed Fearless and it was more than just a martial arts action film. They didn't do too much CG or wire work and it helped display his speed and talents. Later in the night, we settled in and watched The Guardian. We both enjoyed this one and I think it was a great move for Kelso to help break in to some new roles. It had the changing of the guard (on screen and real life) theme and it was worth seeing. We finished of the weekend with Flyboys and the Super Bowl. I can't say anything too exciting about either one of those.

My commercial picks were the GM robot, K-Fed, Blockbuster, the inner workings of the Coke machine, the Bud fist bump, and I was impressed with the Garmin GPS commercial. I didn't think that the commercial was all that great, I just thought they did a good job with the lyrics and I liked the nostalgia of watching Goldar and similar shows when I was a kid. I couldn't stand the guys washing the car, FedEx, or any of the Careerbuilder ones.


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