Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Missed Mookie, but I Won My Freeroll

I played in the $250 VIP Poker/PokerSavvy freeroll last night and since I absolutely suck at multitabling, I missed the Mookie. The good news is I was able to hang on and take 1st place for a c-note. This freeroll prize pool was a little bigger than normal because the last scheduled one didn't work. We had 28 players registered and lucky for me, the 3 to my left didn't take their seat. This made it very easy to pick up a ton of blinds uncontested. I almost felt dirty stealing these so much, but I rarely got any resistance. Not just because of the result, but I really feel I was playing some good aggressive poker and usually made the right moves. I did get myself in to a little trouble before the bubble, but was able to catch 2 great hands in a row and jumped back to the chip lead and ride it to the money. I made it to heads up with a 3:1 advantage, but faltered a little and fell to about 2:3. With nice blinds, I took the fold or raise strategy and even threw in a couple of preflop all-ins when I was SB or if he just called to the BB. I realize I was setting myself up for a trap, but it ultimately ended when we both had hands that we were willing to end with. I pushed with pocket 3s and was able to finish the night with quads. Weeeeeeeeeee! This has increased my bankroll on this little site mainly through freerolls and cheapy SNGs.

I started with my initial $25 deposit on the night before the Neteller fiasco and I haven't decided what I am ultimately going to do with this site. My very small statistical sample has me absolutely crushing, which is fun as long as they continue to accept 'mericans.
*update* I forgot to add that the neighborhood faired very well. My ass kickin' points leading neighbor was able to cash in 4th. Congrats Mike.


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