Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Almost a Perfect Weekend

Stacie and I went to G-Vegas this weekend. No, we didn't go to see these guys, although I should try to in the future. Friday night, we took her mother back to her house after recuperating at ours for the past week.

We spent Saturday watching Clemson win and Auburn getting their asses handed to them by Georgia. It was a game were UGA could do no wrong and AU could do no right. The Bulldogs were making great catches, played strong defense (especially Tra Battle), and Cox was just not composed. That shot any chance we had for an SEC championship game. We just have to beat Alabama and hope for a good bowl game.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend. We finally got off our butts and did a nice fall hike. We went to Falls Creek Falls near Jones Gap State Park in NW South Carolina. We were a little worried as we drove upstate. It was chilly and the wind was gusting very strong. It was much nicer once we hit the trail head and the sun started to warm us up very nicely. It was a rugged hike that was over a mile each way to the awesome waterfall. We passed some huge granite boulders and the view from the top was great. We missed the full fall colors by about 2 weeks, but the remaining leaves still looked beautiful mixed in with the evergreens. It was a great combination of a short hike and rugged terrain. Even though it was a fairly short trail, it was not so easy that you were in and out in less than an hour. There are many other waterfalls in the area and we will take a few motorcycle rides up there in the spring to see more.

I'll be busy this week with our neighborhood home game tomorrow, our yearly HOA meeting on Thursday, and the ATL bloggers game at Ski's on Saturday. Good luck to everybody and I'll probably be back to the regular tournaments the week after Thanksgiving.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Free Panty said...

The SEC race is not over yet. Sure, Arkansas will have to lose to Miss St and LSU, but it's possible. I know you are saying, Ark beat AU head-to-head, but if Ark does lose both games, it will be a 3 way tie with LSU, and AU beat them, so it would then go to the SEC West record where AU only lost once. But this would mean that AU would have to beat Bama. Regardless, AU will now probably be playing in Tampa or possibly Orlando for the bowl game.


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