Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chasing Dollars

Mansion sent me an email saying that they had added $20 to my existing account, so I decided to try out their poker rooms. I sat down to a 5/10 cent table and proceed to lose $5 real quick. I got my Aces cracked when I was down to $2.30 and we got it all in preflop. That has knocked me out of my last two games. Since they gave me 20, I decided to play in a 20+2 tournament that had around 55 people in it. It paid out for the final table and they added 200 to the pool. I played conservative and got knocked out in 17th. This is about how I do when I don't make any moves or catch cards. It's kind of like when you see people sitting out of a tourney and still make it in the top 50% and they never sat down. The part that really bums me is I don't see how to use my $20. I see it under the casino dollars section, so maybe I can't use it in the poker room. I'll try to clear it playing blackjack or video poker and then move it to the poker room side if I can. I'm really not very happy with Mansion because they made it a pain in the ass to get back my original $37 and then when they send me an email telling me that I have bonus cash, I can't tell how to use or earn it. I realize that I'm the dumbass for spending 27 last night without clearly knowing how to use the bonus, but live and learn. I didn't see a transfer to another player option, because I thought about a trade for some Pokerstars moolah. I realize I am still ahead in the deal with the 88 that was put in Neteller for the sign up bonus through Pokersavvy. Any suggestions would be appreciated if you have had experience with a Mansion bonus.


At 10:41 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to the Mookie last night.


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