Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting In Some Poker And Ready For Vegas

I was able to get in 2 nights of live poker this weekend. Friday night was in Kajagugu's hood without the Kaj or Surflexus. I figured this would increase my odds, but nooooo. I was the first one to bust out in the first game and then bubbled the late night second game. I should have just come home after I busted, but I wanted to stick around for another game. I liked my play, I just got unlucky against a very loose call. I had no idea it would take so long to get to the next game. I enjoy hanging out with the usual folks, so its a good night with friends.

On Sunday, "Main Event" Mike invited me to game he was going to that evening. It had a much higher buy-in than I usually do but I wanted to get a little action before my guys trip to Vegas next Friday. We had 16 people for the tournament. There was some wild action, but I kept a low profile. Mike went out on a brutal beat when he hit his set on the flop while holding pocket Aces. His opponent put him all in and showed 3,4 or some shit for middle pair and a gut-shot straight draw. This guy was running supernova hot and of course hits his 4 outer to knock out Mike. He was crushed and called it a night. I was able to hold on and pick my spots to move chips and finished 3rd for a little cash. It more than made up for my losses on Friday night. They were having a big cash game for the bustouts, but it was getting late and I didn't bring the bankroll for a 1/2 game of no limit with Omaha rotated in every 3rd orbit. When I asked about the game, the host warned me that the Omaha pots could see $1k. Yikes, that's a little much for a weekly home game. I'm only good for about 2 of those a year unless I'm in a casino.

Speaking of casinos, Mike, Mike, and I are heading to Bally's next week for a 4 day weekend. I plan on playing cash at Bally's, MGM, and maybe checking out the poker room at the Golden Nugget. Tournament wise, I may do Caeser's again or possibly the Venetian. This time, I hope to play more than 2 hands before I go busto with pocket kings.

I will play one more neighborhood game before Vegas and we are lucky enough to have Falstaff join us while he is doing his Atlanta gigs. It won't be a big game, but we should be able to get 6 handed maybe even a full table.


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looking forward to it!


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