Saturday, June 06, 2009

Losing Some TV Shows And Watching Some Great Movies

It looks like a few of my favorite shows won't be back in the Fall: Life, The Unit, Sara Connor Chronicles. Chuck got another shot and although Medium was dropped by NBC, it is owned by CBS and will be moving there. I wasn't sure if The Cleaner was coming back, but I see it starts back up on June 23rd. Stacie and I borrowed season 1 of How I Met Your Mother and we are about 7 episodes in to it. It is a good show to watch during dinner and it is starting to grow on me. When it originally aired, I didn't like the pilot enough to keep watching but apparently it has gotten much better so I'm giving it another shot. I'm also watching Generation Kill from Netflix. My quick opinion of it after 2 episodes is that it is Band of Brothers in Iraq. I loved Band of Brothers, so hopefully this will turn out as good.

We watched Slumdog Millionaire last night and I thought it was fantastic. Stacie enjoyed it but I liked it much better. I was really impressed with the story and thought it was very well done. I agree with her that it was very hard to watch at times but that made it terribly interesting to me. I thought the music fit very well, but I could have done without the music video at the end. It was very distracting and didn't fit with the rest of the movie. I think you would have more profound feelings after finishing the movie if the Indian Macarena number wasn't there. Just make it an extra on the DVD but finish the movie with some more of the great score.

Another good movie we watched last week was Seven Pounds. It wasn't as good as Slumdog, but I thought it had a great story as well. I think that is it for serious movies for a little while. It is back to comedies and action/sci-fi/fantasy for the next few movies with a chick flick or 2 thrown in for date nights.


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