Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cash Game Craziness

We had 6 of the regulars show up at "Main Event" Mike's for some .10/.20 cash action. At first there were only 5 of us and we played like broke ass nits. Shortly after 8PM, Andrew, our fun-loving Scottish neighbor showed up and the game was on like Donkey Kong. Andrew loves to build pots and over bet every street. He is truly in it for a fun evening of drinking and splashing some cash. This makes for some spectacular beats. I was one of the victims for the night, but more on that later.

Our wildest hand of the night came when it was 3 limpers. The flop was all clubs with connectors and all 3 hit their hands. This gave Andrew the straight in the big blind, Mike H hits a flush from the small blind, and "Main Event" Mike crushes them with a flopped straight flush on the button. It was like a hand from Casino Royale. No more clubs came on the board and as you can imagine, by the river, all of the money was in the pot. "Main Event" Mike ended up with over an $80 pot. You can't beat a 400x big blind pot. I think it was the largest pot we have ever seen in our .10/.20 game. It is just so rare to have that many people with such large hands.

We were winding down and on the second to the last hand, the button and small blind limped to me. I took a free look at the flop with the Canadian Hammer and flopped a monster. It was checked back to Andrew who put in a buck. Chris called and I bumped it up a few more. Andrew decides to go all in for his last 10 and Chris folds. Of course I called and asked Andrew to at least apologize for the bad beat he was about to put on me.

I need to stop jinxing myself because of course he hits a heart on the turn and another on the river to swing the pot to his side of the table. So instead of profiting about 12 or 13 bucks for the hand, I end up shipping 10 more his way. Fortunately, he had already paid off my boat earlier so I was still able to book a win for the evening. I will have to clear this type of recreational playing out of my head before I play a couple of nights in San Diego during Memorial Day week.


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