Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catching Up and Some Freerolls

Congratulations to those that made the BBT leader board. I wasn’t able to stay in the top 50 and finished 60th. That’s OK, cuz I get to play for FishyMcDonk while he is on vacation. This is the disclaimer so people don’t start to cry foul when they wonder why Fishy is playing like an idiot and they can’t figure out his new playing style, hehe.

I have taken the week off (other than the Mookie, of course) from the real money online games. I have been playing over at Milbestlight.com trying to freeroll a seat to the 2008 Main Event. It’s pretty good odds for a freeroll with a 500 man winner take all tournament on Sundays for those that qualify. I just started middle of last week and wasn’t able to continue accumulating points on Saturday, so I missed out on qualifying. I think I should be able to do it this week. The play can be pretty bad, but if you use it to your advantage, you can still finish in the top 3 for the 10 man SNGs. I think I am 1,2,3,7,1,5 for my first 6 games.

Some fun hands to not in the past 2 nights. Very first hand of the SNG on Monday night, I’m first to act with AA. Since the first level is crazy anyway, I know I’m going to get at least one caller when I push. Sure enough, 2 come along for the ride and I’m up against J,10 and 6,6. I yell out “shit” when the river 6 hits, but the chips are shipped my way as it made the nut flush for me, HEE HEE. Gotta love runner, runner, runner, runner. I had 2 great chances to double in the one I played last night, but they didn’t pan out. First one was when I was milking trip queens and it turned in to the highest full house on the river. We both get it all in on the river and split the pot with the same pocket cards, SHEESH. When we got down to 5 handed and I was middle stack, I made a push from the button with A,10 after the first 2 limped. Way overbet I know, but sometimes you gotta do something crazy when you head into short handed, right? Of course everyone folds and I’m next dealt KK in the SB. Aha!, my setup pitch worked perfectly. 3 limps in front of me and I make it 500 with the blinds at 40/80. I was actually hoping for someone to look me up and call or push, but only UTG called. The pot is now over 1200 and I have about that much left behind so unless an A hits, I’m putting it all out there on the flop. The flop was not as clean as I would have liked. 4c, 8c, Kc. So I’ve got top trips but the flush draw is definitely out there. I push with trips and he calls with a red King and the Jack of clubs. I’m now begging for the board to pair, but of course the turn is a club and then another on the river, Boooooo.

If you’re into a little pain for a possible great payoff, give it a shot. I have the same screen name as I do on Stars and Tilt, so give me a shout. I tried to send out invites so I could get more points, but for some reason it didn't work.


At 3:05 PM, Blogger FishyMcDonk said...

Dude, do me proud. I've got nearly nothing left on FT and don't know how to reload now that netteller is gone. Fishy needs da cash.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Slimeface said...

Way to go with the aces!!


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