Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Game Boys Give It A Shot In Vegas

Mike G, our neighborhood tournament points and money leader almost made it to the end of day 1 in the Main Event. He has the detail on his site. Way to go Mike! A great experience on a $13 investment.

Mike had some railbirds make the trip with him. These guys have been playing poker while tailgating at the UGA games for quite a while and are regulars at our Neighborhood Poker League. Mike H, from the neighborhood, along with Chris and Scott, played in some cash games and tournaments while they were there for the weekend. Mike H, made a great run at the noon Ceasar's tournament, but unfortunately bubbled at 19th out of around 250 players. He was very disapointed, but told me that he had used up his luck very early in the game by cracking AA with his KK and beating KK with his JJ. I am starting to realize why I only have 1 cash in the home game, he he.

These guys head over to Mississippi every now and then and I think I will have to budget some time and money to join them in the future. I wonder if there is a gambling charter bus that goes from ATL to Tunica, Biloxi, or New Orleans. I'm sure we could fill it with our home game and the ATL bloggers. I think I'll check in to that.

***UPDATE*** Mike G hung around Vegas for a few days after busting out of the Main Event. On Tuesday, he had a nice run and made it to the final table at the Ceasar's tournament and cashed for a little over 1 grand. Nice job Mike. I need to work on getting him to Full Tilt so maybe we can have a bigger ATL force for the blogger tournaments. ***END UPDATE***


At 12:14 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Bummer on the bubble, but congrats to him for getting that far. If the casinos in Tunica, NO, etc. are anything like the indian casinos here in San Diego, they'll run charter buses. Just try to find one not too far away, or find a bus driver who is wired on speed so that he won't fall asleep on you. In any respect, I'm sure the casino host can tell you if there are any charters that run from ATL to your gamb00ling destination of choice.


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