Friday, June 15, 2007

Cash Games Night 2

Once the blogger tournament was over, some of us were going to head over to Planet Hollywood and play in their tournament. It had been given good reviews and the structure was supposed to be among the best for a lower buy-in. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out because it had already filled up before we left the Orleans. I was still thinking about going to TI or Sahara, so I left the bloggers after the tournament and grabbed a quick bite to eat in New York, New York. I love the chili in America and with a side salad, I finally had some greens.

My success in the 1/2 NL game on Friday, gave me enough confidence to go back to MGM Saturday night before heading to one of the late night tournaments down the strip. Shortly after sitting down, I flop an A high straight with 2 hearts on the board. Hey, this could turn out very nice again. Young European Grizzly Adams With 4 Inch Headband (YEGAW4IH) bets out pretty big and I come over the top for all of my chips. He calls, but doesn’t have as much as me, so about $50 is returned. The dealer runs the cards and when we hit the last one, YEGA flips over his rivered flush. He said he called because he had the flush and straight draws. Well shit, that didn’t turn out like I had hoped.

I floundered around like the fish I am and dropped down to about $40. About this time, Love_Elf comes over for a visit. Unlike the Smokkee Effect from the night before, Elf brought some good Mojo my way. While we talking, I was able to catch some great cards or the flop would pair up both of my hole cards from the blinds. We had a good time talking about dogs and travel. Before I knew it, I had $140 back in front of me. I should have just called it a night right there, but I had to get involved with YEGA one more time. YEGA limps UTG and with Ah, 10d in late postion I called an earlier raise and YEGA completes. The flop comes out with a K,8,? all hearts. YEGA bets out $50 and the original raiser folds. At this point, Elf heads back over to see Smokkee play (no foreshadowing here, LOL!) I have been watching this guy hit all his draws and felt he was trying to go for it again. I figured if he was going for the flush, it would hit me better so I pushed in for about $75 more on top. He insta-calls and my flush never comes as he shows Ad,Kd for top pair top kicker. This was just an absolutely horrendously, idiotic play on my part. I could have easily folded and played for much longer, but I got sucked into trying to outplay and bust him. I have never let a hand bother me the way that one did. It wasn’t necessarily the amount of money, it was just a bad, bad play to do. I wasn’t drawing totally dead, but I put my money in on the 35% side of the numbers for absolutely no good reason. I declined to re-buy and said my goodbyes to the other table full of bloggers. Elf had a look of complete shock on her face since she had left me just moments before and I had a good stack still. I informed her of my idiocracy and I didn’t feel much like playing any more so I gathered my toys and went home. I am still such a newbie in cash games so this was a great learning experience. I have taken quite a few things away from the 2 nights play. In total, I was down only $15 for 2 nights cash and 1 tournament, so I guess I got a great deal on the lessons.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Man, I just hate watching myself make a play that I know I shouldn't, but can't stop myself from doing so. Still, if you got out that cheaply for the trip, you may as well be ahead! Great trip report, wish I could've been there.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Love_elf said...

LOL! You did Great!!! MUCH better than my first attempt at cash games!

Look forward to seeing you again!


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